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H-1B Registrations for 2024 to Open on March 1st - Employers Encouraged to Submit Applications Early

The H-1B registration process for the year 2024 will begin on March 1st, according to a statement from the government. The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. employers to hire foreign workers in specialty occupations such as technology, engineering, and science. The registration process, which is done online, will allow employers to submit their applications before the official H-1B filing period begins. This is done to streamline the process and ensure that the most qualified candidates are selected for the limited number of visas available. The registration period will close on March 20th and the official H-1B filing period will begin on April 1st.

Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's Legacy of Peace and Non-Violence

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian nation, was assassinated on January 30, 1948. Today, January 30th, marks the 75th anniversary of his death. Gandhi's legacy continues to inspire millions of people around the world who admire his commitment to non-violent resistance and his fight for independence from British rule.

Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence, also known as satyagraha, played a key role in India's independence movement and has since been adopted by freedom fighters across the globe. He believed in using peaceful protest and civil disobedience to achieve political and social change, and inspired others to follow in his footsteps.

His contributions to India's independence struggle are widely recognized and celebrated. He was a political and spiritual leader who advocated for the rights of the oppressed and for equality for all people. He fought against social evils such as untouchability and advocated for the upliftment of women and the economically weaker sections of society.

Gandhi's death, which was the result of an assassination by a Hindu nationalist, was a huge loss to India and the world. Despite his untimely death, his teachings continue to live on and his message of peace and non-violence remains relevant even today.

To commemorate Gandhi's death anniversary, various events are held across India and around the world. People gather to pay their respects, offer flowers at his memorial, and participate in peaceful marches and candlelight vigils. Schools, colleges and universities also organize seminars and debates to discuss Gandhi's philosophy and its relevance in today's world.

Gandhi's legacy serves as a reminder of the power of non-violence and the importance of standing up for what is right. He remains an inspiration to people everywhere who are committed to peace and justice. On this 75th anniversary of his death, let us honor his memory by following in his footsteps and working towards a world that is free from violence, discrimination and inequality.

Amrit Udyan: The Significance of the New Name for Rashtrapati Bhavan's Mughal Gardens - A Blend of Traditional and Modern Elements Showcasing Indian Culture and Environmental Conservation

The Mughal Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official residence of the President of India, have been renamed as 'Amrit Udyān.' The gardens, which are open to the public during the spring season, have been a popular tourist attraction for many years. The new name, Amrit Udyān, is significant as it represents the 'garden of nectar' and symbolizes the rejuvenation of the gardens. The gardens have been redesigned to include new plants and flowers, water features, and seating arrangements. The redesign has been done keeping in mind the principles of sustainable development, and the aim is to create an eco-friendly environment.

The Mughal Gardens are an important part of the Rashtrapati Bhavan and have a rich history. They were first created by the British architect Edwin Lutyens, who designed the Rashtrapati Bhavan. The gardens were designed in a Mughal style, which is a blend of Persian and Indian architecture. The Mughal Gardens are divided into three main parts: the Spiritual Garden, the Herbal Garden, and the Musical Garden. The Spiritual Garden is a peaceful and serene space, the Herbal Garden has a wide variety of medicinal plants, and the Musical Garden has a collection of different instruments.

The Amrit Udyān is not only a visual delight but also a place of learning. The gardens have been designed to promote environmental conservation and to educate visitors about the importance of preserving nature. The gardens also have an environmental education center, where visitors can learn about the different plants, their medicinal properties, and the importance of maintaining biodiversity.

The Amrit Udyān also has a special section dedicated to the late President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The section is called the 'Kalam Memorial' and it has a statue of the former President. The memorial is a tribute to the late President's contribution to the nation and serves as an inspiration for visitors.

The Amrit Udyān is not just a place of beauty and serenity, but it is also a symbol of India's cultural heritage and a reflection of the country's rich diversity. The gardens are a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements, and they showcase the best of Indian culture. The Amrit Udyān is a place where visitors can experience the beauty of nature, learn about the importance of environmental conservation, and get a glimpse of India's rich cultural heritage.

In conclusion, the Amrit Udyān, the new name of Rashtrapati Bhavan's Mughal Gardens, is not only a visual delight but also a place of learning and reflection of India's cultural heritage. The gardens have been redesigned to include new plants and flowers, water features, and seating arrangements, keeping in mind the principles of sustainable development, and the aim is to create an eco-friendly environment. It's a place where visitors can experience the beauty of nature, learn about the importance of environmental conservation, and get a glimpse of India's rich cultural heritage.

Uttar Pradesh Launches Roadshow to Attract Global Investors Ahead of 2023 Global Investors Summit

The state of Uttar Pradesh in India is looking to attract global investors with their upcoming Global Investors Summit 2023. The government of Uttar Pradesh recently held a roadshow in Delhi to showcase the investment opportunities available in the state and to promote the upcoming summit.

The roadshow was attended by a delegation of government officials and business leaders from Uttar Pradesh, who presented the state's strengths in areas such as agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing. The delegation also highlighted the various investment policies and incentives that the state government has put in place to attract foreign investment.

Uttar Pradesh is home to a large population and an abundance of natural resources, making it an attractive destination for investors looking to tap into the Indian market. The state government is keen to attract investment in key sectors such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, and textiles.

The Global Investors Summit 2023 will take place in the state capital of Lucknow and is expected to attract investors from around the world. The summit will include a trade fair, investor meet-and-greets, and a series of seminars and workshops on key investment topics.

The government of Uttar Pradesh is confident that the roadshow and the upcoming summit will help to attract significant foreign investment to the state, which will in turn create jobs and drive economic growth. They see the summit as a major step towards making Uttar Pradesh a premier destination for investors and entrepreneurs.

In summary, the state of Uttar Pradesh in India is actively promoting investment opportunities available in the state and promoting the upcoming Global Investors Summit 2023. The government is keen to attract investment in key sectors such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, and textiles. The summit is expected to attract investors from around the world and is seen as a major step towards making Uttar Pradesh a premier destination for investors and entrepreneurs.

Health ID - Key to your digital healthcare journey

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India stands at the cusp of a ground-breaking revolution in Electric Mobility

Tech companies are looking to revolutionize the electric vehicles industry in India. Over the years, the electric vehicle industry in the subcontinent has been slowly picking up the pace. However, with new investments and advancements in technology, there might just be an increase in the number of electric vehicles in India.

According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the Indian electric vehicle market is expected to reach US$47 billion by 2026. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian market is expected to grow at a faster rate thanks to government initiatives as well as new technologies.

The country is already experimenting with e-Mobility for public transport and has even deployed electric inter-city buses across some major cities. In addition, state governments are also playing an active role in the deployment of policies encouraging the usage of electric vehicles.

For instance, Kerala aims to put one million electric vehicles on the road by 2022 and 6,000 e-buses in public transport by 2025. The state of Telangana aims to have electric vehicles sales targets for 2025 to achieve 80%. This does not only include private cars but also motorcycles, scooters, and auto-rickshaws.

In the two-wheel segment, Hero Electric Vehicles is India’s market leader in two-wheelers. With about a dozen different variants, the privately held Hero Electric last year sold over 50,000 units. Other two-wheel electric vehicle manufacturers include Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor. These companies sell more than 50 different types of electric two-wheelers in India.

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Apply for approvals on India's National Single Window System guide for investors

The National Single Window System (NSWS) is a digital platform for guidance of investors to identify and to apply for approvals as per their business requirements. The Know Your Approvals (KYA) module supports information across 32 Central Departments and 16 States. However, there may be other approvals required that the investors may like to check at their own discretion. Currently, the portal hosts applications for approvals from 21 Central Departments and 14 State Governments.

The platform is built to serve as an advisory tool to identify approvals based on user input and is to be used for guidance purpose only. We are working to onboard more approvals and update relevant information on a periodic basis.

We look forward to your feedback for improving user experience and to achieve the goal of making this platform a true, genuine National Single Window System.

Apply for financial assistance - Startup India Seed Fund Scheme

Startup India Seed Fund Scheme encourages Incubators and Startups to Apply for financial assistance for Proof of Concept, Prototype Development, Product Trials, Market Entry and Commercialization.

Rajasthan Sampark - File grievances with Rajasthan Government Toll Free No 181

Department of Administrative Reforms

Dr. OM Prakash Bairwa

Phone: 91(141)-2922825, 0141-2385077


Address: - Food Building, Second Floor, Room No – 7220

Department of Information Technology and Communications

G K Sharma (Additional Director & GM (RISL)),

IInd Floor, Library Building,

Government Secretariat,

Jaipur- 302005 (Raj), India

Contact : 91(141)-2922543, 2922272; Toll Free - 181

E-mail :

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Health ID - Key to your Digital Healthcare Journey

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